15 things my dogs taught me about how to love someone 4'

por Bor Cobritas 17/03/2014

My dogs are one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened to me. Each of them was its own little universe; fluffy, flurry, unique, special and always willing to drawn you in a lovely mixture of drool and hair. Everything to show you how much they loved you.

Layla was the bigger one. She was a 90 pound rottweiller full of love (and drool). When I came home, I could hear a subtle «clingcling» coming from her collar bouncing in the floor, followed by a handful of huffing and puffing and some ramdom noise as a result of her dizzy body hitting the doorsteps. Then, there she was; all majestic, and black, and full of hair; stuffing her head against my crotch as a way of saying «hey buddy! Welcome home! I really missed you these last 10 minutes!» and without knowing that it could be painful.

Then I would hug her and we’d end up hitting the floor; she, drooling me, and me, tickling her.


90 pounds of love and drooling

Humphrey, the little one, was a 25 pounds schnauzer full of mutherfuckness. Every time I came home, he would approach me grunting and then go with my mother to (pretend to) show me who was the boss. After that, if I touched him, he would grunt even more until the point where I had to get him against the floor, gently saying «no». After that, he would be super friendly. Also, every time there was a thunderstorm, he would come to me seeking protection. Poor boy… I ended up loving him a bit.


An adorable motherfucker

Neither of them is still with us; and man, we miss them… Specially because no one like them know how to love that much and that good. These are 15 of the things why I miss them.

  1. They welcome you as if they hadn’t seen you in 10 days, even if there have been 10 minutes since you left
  2. If you’re sick, the lay with you and stay quiet
  3. If you’re sad, they lay with you, and they lick you
  4. If you’re happy, they climb over you, and they lick you
  5. If you hug them, they let you, and they lick you
  6. If you mess with them, they let you, and they lick you
  7. If you try to kiss them, they lick you
  8. If you play with them, they act as if they were in the ball-throwing-and-getting world series and give 110%. Always
  9. if you scratch them behind the ears, they show all their love by collapsing over you
  10. If you punish them, they come back as if nothing happened; and they lick you
  11. If you’re angry, they look at you with adorable eyes, then get closer step by step and lick you; if it doesn’t work, they leave and come back later to try again
  12. Every single time you do something together, they are equally excited. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or the 43598593rd time you do it
  13. They never take it personal
  14. They don’t expect anything from you, except you being you
  15. They know that you love them, and that’s enough
My dogs taught me to love for the sake of loving, and not looking for people to love me back. No love begging, no kiss dealing, no fake affections. If you love, love with all consequences, because you want to and because that’s how you do it. Because if the love you give away is real, it will come back; and not necessarily from the person you give it to in the first place.

I also learned to respect the other person with all it takes; to love her, or him, as much as her, or his idiosyncrasy. To know when «no» means «no» and not «please, stay; I’m pretty fucked up and hurting everyone around me due to this excess of vulnerability and fear of being hurt.» To know when and how to leave space and how to be the best company by just being there.

I learned to enjoy every little moment in their company; I learned to see that magic is something we are, and not something we do. This way, every afternoon hanging out, every walk and every random conversation can be a completely new experience; even if it’s the 23248938th.

I learned to thank, to forgive, to not hold grudges and not asking for further explanations; because most of the times, things are better understood by touching, rather than talking.

I learned to not expect anything, except him being him; except her being her. Because I know I’m loved, and that’s enough.

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